Girl cannot live without selca!

26 November 2012
Class ended earlier today! What a good news, HAHAHAHAH!! I thought I could have more time to study for the IS quiz and also do the assignment, yet, I was fooling with the camera after I reached home. LOL Girl cannot live without selca, right?

I have been fell in love to braid lately! How can my hair grow longer?

Yeah, pigtail! :D

My favourite photo! You say cute or not? HAHAHA 
I actually think that I look cute in this photo la, sorry if I am too thick-face. ><

Today's look. 
My favourite top and favourite leggings! :D Today is a happy nice day!

Selca selca! :D
No more one big one small eyes. LOL 


Mom is sick, I have no dinner tonight. I have to express my gratitude to the person who invented instant noodles. My only strength is that I know how to cook instant noodles. I actually feel proud of myself, because without it, I might not be able to blog here. HAHAHAH. Thanks to instant noodles, I will not starve to dead. I am sure I will be a failure housewife. x.x Instant noodles, I am here! LOL