2012 year end summary

31 December 2012
The last day of 2012. Time really flies. There is more than a month I will be 19 year old. People do not want to grow up, I am an exception. I cannot wait and wish it is now I can have the ability of totally do not need to rely on anyone. I want to be independent! Recall the past 12 months, I did a lot of happy things, and also a lot of things I proud of, but I also have done more unhappy things and things I did not like to do. On the whole, in 2012, I am not very happy. Promise myself 2013 will be better off.

This is probably the longest blog post I ever typed. LOL

18 years old, I felt that I had grown up. No longer got any pocket money or allowance from parents. Seriously proud of myself. xD When I faced any financial problem, I have to learn how to get a way to solve. #Still learning in progress. ._.

I do not think there was any other special things happened because I was busy with the holiday job. I was quite worry about the SPM result, so what's in my mind was only money, I was afraid I could not get the result I must have in order to get scholarship, then I still can afford myself. 

Still the same, job ranked first. The first no celebration, forever alone birthday. </3 But still thanks to the wishes and also presents I received, especially the surprise present from sister.

Love this present from sister. It was a custom made bracelet, hanging all my favourite items. If you ask me what I like the most, I would choose the bird. If I would be given a special ability, I want to have the power to fly.


22th, SPM exam result announcement date. Took it alone, faced it alone. Luckily I met my best buddy ever! <3 She helped me to see how my result was before passed it to me. Thank you for faced the fear and shared the joy with me. (I hope you see this) 9A's, I was too happy and I burst out into tears. But then I felt sad, I hoped I could score better. A piece of paper changed my destiny. 

Lost my old blog, kharnyeeee.blogspot.com. It was a big blow to me, lost a lot of memories, but I could say that it was a life turning point, as those were just unhappy memories, I should remove them and let those memories faded away with time.

May, June, July
In May, I have started the college life. Life as a scholarship holder is so tough.  Pressure is really great. Things others do not understand, I must know. People understand, I must also understand. Even if I say I do not know, no one will actually believe. Study the subjects that I do not like, I did not have the opportunity to choose to give up. Even if I do not understand, do not like, do not want to study, I also have to force myself just memorise every single words into my mind. This was what I have taught since I took Biology. Unfortunately I failed to do so in Biology. Until now, I still regret for not try harder in Biology, why I did not pay attention in class? :/

This is how unhappy my college life is. This is also the reason that make 2012 so unhappy. 
But thanks to this, it set a target for myself to I keep trying to wait for the goal of a successful day!

Finally semester break! I never thought that I could be so homesick? otaku maybe to stay at home for 3 weeks. Watched my favourite Singapore drama was the best thing to do in semester break.

September, October, November
Semester 2 started in September. Got semester 1 result, high CGPA but still not satisfy, have not reach the target, I believe I surely can fulfil my aim before I graduate from Diploma! Hectic college life. Mid-term tests, assignments and presentation could kill me! In November, thanks sister for the sponsor KL trip! A good break for myself before continue the tests marathon.

2012 best experience - first time travel by plane. LOL 

No special things happened in December. But it was a quite enjoyable month because semester 2 is going to end soon. December is semester2 exam month! Have sat for three exam, still got 3 subjects to go. Ganbatte! Besides this, drama marathon, I have watched 6 dramas in 1 month! Just finished another 1 drama yesterday, this time I only took 2 days to finish. Proud of myself. HAHAHA!

As I mentioned I was quite proud of myself, as I cleared a few wishlist of 2012.

I remembered there was somebody told me that money is used to spend, you will not become rich by saving money, you will only become rich if you know how to earn and spend.  I personally think that it is true. Like what my sister said the more you spend, the more it gives you the fighting spirit to earn more money. I think this is why my sister's shopping receipts are getting more. LOL

In 2012, I have pampered myself with a few of my favourite, dying to own things with my hard-earned money. Seriously, money are very hard to earn!

My first branded purse, CarloRino ♥


My first smartphone, white S2 

My first pair of over rm100+ shoes, Crocs 


My  first  second branded bag, Charles & Keith 
The first one was Mango tote, a share birthday present from mom and sis. 

Of course, I also have done my wishlist and resolutions for 2013, but I am not going to reveal. Good luck for myself and Happy New Year 2013!

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