2013 the new beginning

3 January 2013
I'm happy that 2012 had passed. The bad things had gone to the end. Every day I am looking forward to a new day. Every day is a new beginning in life. Before the end of 2012, I have been telling myself that I want to turn over a new leaf, I want to be hardworking in studies, I want to get rid of the unhappiness and I want to have an exciting, great and wonderful life henceforth.

2013 is the new beginning. I want to be always very happy. :D So if I am sad, please scold me or maybe can give me a slap. lollol!

The first thing to do to welcome a new year, of course is selca! LOL. #girlsbeinggirls. 

Love 2013, it will love me in return. I know 2013 must be a good year because after the rain pours, rainbow will appear and the sun will shine. :D I used to be very happy when I see rainbow. I rarely see rainbow and I have forgotten when was the last time I saw a rainbow. Yet whatsoever, I convince that no matter how bad the situation is, afterwards I still can see the rainbow. Must believe in yourself!

2013, so far so good.

The first day of 2013 was just a mundane day. My day and night have been upside down. Perhaps I really too in love to the feel of night. Recently if there is no exam, I slept at after 6am and woke up at around 6pm. 12 hours sleep is good! *dancing banana* Yet, I have to get rid of this bad habits, skip breakfast and lunch is bad, eat supper is the worst.

The second day of 2013 was exam day, the subject I dislike the most, Principle of Information System. By looking at the subject name, you should know how boring it was. I stayed up the whole night to study it, amazingly I managed to finish 13 chapters in 12 hours! Which means that I only spent less than 1 hour to finish 1 chapter. I still have 30 minutes of rest time after the hectic cramming. CHEERS~ FYI, I have very slow study progress, I get distracted easily. For instance, I study with musics, with snacks, with laptop and with handphone, sometimes I watch drama while study. I will also check Facebook and blog, then tweet some craps and etc midway of study until I have forgotten I suppose to study. Some more I used to cram the day before exam, my principle/theory tell me that study in last minutes can let the notes stay in mind for a longer period of time. #Don'tlearn!

Of course after the hectic exam, I pampered myself with my favourite mask, which my sister gave it to me last few months when she backed to Penang. It was Hello Kitty version Beauty Diary mask!

Don't you think the mask's packaging is too adorable until you are reluctant to use it? It is Honey Strawberry mask, the smell is so good and very moisture! FYI, I am not advertising the mask, I actually want to ask anyone knows where can I get the authentic beauty diary mask in Penang? (I do not want to buy online, any shops have sell it?) Drop me a comment if you know.

It's 5++am now, I shall hit the sack now. I take today as the beginning of semester break, though I still have exam on 4th and 8th Jan. Since they are Statistics and Accounting exam, not theory subject, do some exercises to practise the night before will do. :D

Good night, reader(s). xoxo. <3

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