Monday blue?

8 January 2013

I rarely went out on weekday, but yesterday my mom and I went out with sister and her colleague. We supposed to go at around 12pm, then postponed to 1pm, then delayed to 2pm. I was extremely tired due to insufficient sleep. Thanks to the delayed, I took a short nap. :D

When they reached Penang from Butterworth, then we went to 1st Avenue. I think I had been more than half year did not go to 1st Avenue. lol First station of course to have our brunch! Dine at Master Choo Kitchen. I was having high expectation before I stepped into the restaurant. Expectation gradually decreased, left with disappointment.


Pandan egg tart


My Portuguese cheese bake rice.

1st Avenue never surprise me. Shopping in 1st Avenue was very boring, lack of shops I guessed. Then we headed to the next shopping mall, Gurney Plaza! 

Sister and her colleagues wanted to buy the Minnie mouse BirkenStock shoes but did not have her size anymore. BirkenStock is nice but the staff's attitude is the worst! I totally cannot stand the way she responded to the questions. I felt like I want to give her a punch on her face!

The new arrival Charles and Keith bags are so beautiful! I spotted a sling bag but I am saving money for other purpose, so just dropped the mindset of getting it. :/ Their new arrival stocks are mainly in pastel colours. I love pastel colourssss! 

Before we backed, we had our dinner at Max Gourmet. Our favourite dine place, somemore we have member card! :D

桂花糕 Osmanthus cake

龟苓膏 Herbal jelly

This is the first time I tried their dessert. Surprisingly they tasted very nice. :D

Fish porridge

Spicy hot ramen

This is nice! :D

It is good to have a friend who has the same habits like you. Usually when I go out with friends, I very paiseh to take photo of the food. I thought photo-first-before-eat is a very common so-called addiction nowadays among teenagers, but my classmates rarely have this habits. So yesterday, I felt good when all of us (except my mom) like to take photos of food before we start to dine. My sister began to have this addiction since she owned an iPhone and started using Instagram (Her Instagram name: kharnying), so I will not feel very paiseh to stop them from eating just to let me take a photo first. lollol

Alright, since I have Accounting exam in the afternoon. I shall revise it now, else if I wake up late then I am gonna cry out loud during the exam. lol

Thank you for reading. Kthanksbyeeee. :D

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