Tuesday happiness + unluckiness

23 January 2013
College third semester is going to start 1 week later. I did not do any meaningful things in this semester break, I felt quite guilty honestly. But anyway, I have fully replenished my energy for the new coming semester! I have to promise myself that no more slacking and procrastinate when it comes to tests, presentation and assignments. I must finish the assignment before the submission due date, I must not prepare the script and slides the day before the presentation. I must do better than the first and second semester. Ganbatte kudasai!

Okay, a little short update of my life. Sorry that I do not have any full of freshness and novelty life. Most of the time if I am not in the college, I stay at home. Ikr such life sucks and boring. :/

Yesterday, my sister came back from Ipoh (She was actually in KL, but she went to Ipoh for furniture fair I guess). We supposed to go to All Season Place to dine in Sushi King. Unfortunately, the car had problems. Problemssss! Due to I neglected the car for 2 weeks, as I said I normally stay at home to be an otaku ._. , the brake pad had worn, also noticed that one of the car tire's tread almost had worn too. Why so unlucky?

Without any choice, we WALKed to the nearest kopitiam, Kuta Bali Cafe to have our dinner.

At night, a little inspiration came to me when I saw my sister brought back her nail polishes. A big YES to me! I will not 'invest' my money on nail polish or some sort of manicure because I am not the type of sven and decorous girl. I spoiled the nail art before it dries. lollol And also I born with short and fatty fingers fml, I think no matter how pretty the manicure is, it's totally a waste on my ugly fingers. fmlx2

Surprisingly, the SASA Eleanor Nail Enamel (left) worked pretty well on my nails, it dries very fast and it gives an even thickness of layers. #Recommended


I applied 2 coats of SASA ENP040 Eleanor Nail Enamel my nails then I used the Elianto 09 coral light to make the little dot .

This nail art not bad right?

Love the outcome so much! 

Ps: Will be more ratio 1:1 photo uploaded on blog. Photo editing in phone is so much easier compared to phone. Love those apps that make my colour of photos look smoother and softer. Contact me if you want me to make a post about what photography apps I used. :)

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