Wednesday : I can spell happiness!

23 January 2013
Small update before I hit the sack. 

Y'all probably would doubt I will sleep at this hour. I was soooo sleepy, I slept at 5 o'clock, but due to insomnia I only had less than 5 hours sleep. My face condition is getting worse. I must try to sleep earlier!!


As I mentioned in the previous post (I assumed you read it. If no, check it out NOW!), sister's bf took it for service this morning. The automobile repair garage he usually patronised said that the brake pad has not worn out yet. Just have to exchange the worn out tread tire with the back tire. How dare that yesterday's repair garage dared to bluff us! They tought that we are just female, we did not know anything about automobile! This just prove that having a boyfriend who has many general knowledge is so good and worthy. Where to find one? I also want. lollollol

Sister said that the repair shop they went this morning is pretty good, I will take the car to there for service next time! If it's really good, I must recommend it to everyone! :D

Then, sister brought mom and I to Queensbay mall to rescue our hungry stomach. I was hungry till I could eat a whole cow. lollol 

Sushi King! I had been craving for Japanese food for a long while. So thankful I get to fulfil this crave today!  


From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Something about lotus root. #Recommended. Must try if you pay a visit to Sushi King! (RM3.00)
2. Mixed Bento (RM13.90)
3. Irodori Gozen Chawanmushi (RM16.90)
4. Ten Udon Set (RM19.90)

10% service charge and 6% government tax. 

The Ten Udon Set is mine! I felt very full after I ate a few mouths. Not joking, I am serious. 

The bowl is bigger than my face! So now you believe the portion is not just huge, it's enormous, right? I am a big eater, if the portion can make me extremely full, the portion must be super huge! This also explain why I can never lose weight. fml. Why this world has so many delicious food?

PS: You can see how worst my face is from this photo. Anyone wants to sponsor me to Korea for plastic surgery? I look so awful. :'(


A simple ootd shot while mom was trying pants in Giordano. 
My favourite polka dots pink and white top with beige lace shorts. As usual matched with my reversible Charles and Keith bag and crocs shoes. 

Crocs shoes is the most comfort shoes I ever have. Love it so much. A new pair of this coming Chinese New Year? *Considering*

Then, we went to visit my baby girl at her grandmother's home. Miss her so so so much! We will bring her out for CNY shopping this coming weekend. I cannot wait to see her again! 

To be honest, I hate kids ever since my mom is a babysitter. Cannot deny, I jealous as my mom gives her 100% attention on the kid and like left me alone. I also need attention kay! But my baby girl is the only baby/kid I love! She is the only one I do not mind to spend money to buy things for her. 投缘 I guess. Can I be her Godmother? hehehe. <3

At night, met up with sister's bf to the night market. Finally I get to sit on my dream car, Suzuki swift. Can I have his new car?!! 

Diet plan failed. Food in the night market are so yummyyyy! 

A little shopping haul of today. Love what I bought for this CNY! :D I want to shop more, but of course I need to have unlimited money. God of wealth, I am here, please pay a visit soon okay? :D

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