1st week of Feb

8 February 2013
I have been abandoned my blog for a few days, I feel so guilty to let it mold with my grumbles. The first week of semester 3 is going to end soon, I only have a word to describe it - stress! I will just skip this, otherwise this post will be another rants. 

A little life update to make this blog alive, I promise I will blog about things that is a interesting soon, hmm.. perhaps after I manage to cope with my full of problems life. Unfortunately, since the day I rant in the previous post, I did not solve any of the problems yet, instead *somebodies* still keep on giving me troubles, I do not know how long I still can be strong, I am afraid I will break down. *Skip this skip this*

Last Friday
Finally a meet up with high school's buddy. The simplest 2013 resolution (Keep in touch with old friends) completed. A really happy and enjoyable day with Yiting @ Fa Guo San, All Season Place. In my opinion, I think that the environment is good for chilling, but the food(cheese cake - flower pot, as shown in the photo below) was just so-so, definitely did not worth the price. But for the drinks, I think that the price is still acceptable, as my Rose Green tea tasted quite special, I like it.


Brunch @ Subway, All Season Place, then headed to Queensbay mall. Just bought myself a navy blue shorts for CNY. I was not in the mood for CNY shopping, on diet slim down in action, so probably I wont 'invest' money on clothings before I reach my ideal weight target. 


Simple ootd with simple armswag

Dinner @ Kenny Rogers Roasters. Seriously, Nando's chickenland is way x99 than Kenny Rogers in every aspects. The food is still okay to me because I am not very picky in eating, but the hygiene and services are what I care the most. I was super angry when I sawmy water glass was so dirty, so I asked the waiter to change for me. Then I saw he washed the glass without using the dish soaps, so the glass was still dirty! (At first I only spotted black dirts at the bottom of the glass, after he washed the glass, I could notice the yellowish sticky stain!!!! I SWEAR IT WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING INCIDENT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE because I had taken a sip! *puke* FYI, I ordered ice plain water, so I could see how dirty it was.


The set came with a quarter of chicken, 3 side dishes and 1 muffin. The coleslaw was the most disappointed dishes on this plate, only cabbage, no carrot or onion or other veg. For the muffin, I had chocolate raisin, it tasted not bad.


Did my own nails art at night. What do you think about it?

Monday's night went to consult the doctor, this medicine tastes very disgusting. ._. and I hate liquid medicine the most, I prefer swallow pills.

For Monday - Thursday, most of the time I was wandering around the college. My schedule was a horror, the replacement class for CNY made it even more scary. ._. In addition to the traffic jam and raining cats and dogs, it is the most horrific things. Took 1 hour++ to reach home.

After checking out some of my favourite bloggers' diet sharing, I found out that the common of their diet plan is eat almonds. I did not like almond drinks, it tasted and smelled like the 'food' people vomit out. Yet surprisingly, almond nuts taste super delicious!