Cont : It's all about my CNY

14 February 2013
Chu4, finally a collect-angpaus(red packets)-day. Visited maternal side relatives in the morning. What a miracle-coincidence day. The first time 75% of the relatives came. For those previous years, mostly the uncle aunts left the red packets at my 3rd aunt's home, then we went to there to collect, but this year we all coincidentally came at the same day and same time.

The one and only selca in CNY. 

I looked terribly horrible in the first 3 days of CNY because of the swollen eyes, it caused me to have triple eyelids. D:

New handmade nail art. Not bad right? Please say yes, don't destroy my self-confidence ty!

I am getting in love to manicure. I want to start collecting nail polishes. :D

I really really x99 want to blog about this because their service sucks. If you are the person who is very particularly concerned about the service, you should read this!

For the right bottom, rose float @ Old Town. The another drink we ordered was Cendol soya freeze. If you followed my Foursquare or Twitter, I think you know that I complaint the service! This actually proved that my #kharnyee'stheory is true. Do not visit restaurant during CNY! 

First, sister wanted to order Orange freeze, but orange out of stock! Then my mom was being humour to joke with the waitress that why Old Town did not order more oranges. YOU KNOW WHAT THE WAITRESS REPLIED! I think human with brain could differentiate it was a joke. But the waitress replied this : you all wanted to have holiday, the supplier also wanted to have holiday. Old town started operate today because they wanted to earn the money. Walao eh! What service was this?! Tell me is this the right response to the customer? 

Second, the Cendol soya freeze is the worst drink I ever tasted in this 19 years. The Cendol was like uncooked, super duper hard, could not bite or swallow. We asked the head of waiter, but he said the cendol was cooked but because the Cendol mixed with ice again, so it was frozen. :O What theory is this? Worst than my so-called kharnyee's theory.

Is it meant that if I put the cooked prawn into refrigerator, the prawn will change the colour from orange back to grey? 

Okay fine.
. . .

Move on to dinner @ Kim Gary. My sister is a big fan of Kim Gary, although I heard about the bad comments about their food, I still think that it is acceptable. But yesterday, the service was the worst. We ordered cold milk tea and hot YingYang (milk tea+coffee). But they served us hot milk tea and cold YingYang. Actually I was okay with hot milk tea but since sister did not like coffee, so we have to ask them for changes. The worst waitress ever refused to change, she insisted that the kitchen made the right drink and she served it to the right customer. She insisted that the colour of milk tea would be varied (darker colour) sometimes. 

In the end, because my sister said she is sensitive to coffee, then the waitress had no choice to change a new one for us. However, she still insisted that the hot drink was YingYang so she did not want to exchange that.

(Please do not think that I am stupid and I do not know how to differentiate milk tea, coffee and YingYang. I am not a professionally in making drink but I had worked in restaurant before, I know how to verify the colour of these 3 drinks. Moreover, if the colour of milk tea changed to darker colour, which means that it was infused for a long time, it might deteriorate.)

This month they did not give us the customer feedback survey form, else I will just jot all these down at the form. Maybe I should e-mail the Kim Gary so they will have better service next time when they faced this problem.

Please bear in mind, no matter how the customer is still correct, without customer, they all are jobless! #kharnyee'stheory

Service is super important because we have to pay 10% of service charges!!!!

Sorry for such a complain post, but I think this is good for y'all.