It's all about my CNY

14 February 2013
First of all,


To be honest, I have nothing to update about my CNY, because it is the same every year, even more boring than previous year.

Normally the first day of CNY, chu1, people would visit their paternal side relatives. However, for my family, chu1 we usually visit the shopping mall to watch CNY movie. This is because for my paternal side, other than my dad's lucky money(压岁钱), I would never get other angpau. Unfortunately, my dad did not come back from Johor. And this year, I did not follow my mom and sis to watch movie. Therefore, my chu1 was a stay-at-home day.

I only went out to have 'dinner' at Old Town. My appetite is decreased ever since I started the sem3 because I skipped the lunch, sometimes I only have a meal per day. My diet plan is working well. :D I don't care if I will starve to dead, I rather die skinny than die fat. Big coffin is more expensive. hahaha #kharnyee'stheory

FYI, if you know me well, I always have a lot of my so-called #kharnyee'stheory, which most of them are just simple nonsense with 1% logic or maybe none. They are something that I called as self-entertained or self-deceived. lollol

For chu2, it was also a stay-at-home day. We only visit the maternal side relative on chu3 or chu4. I did not follow my family out because there was no shopping mall started the business yet. I stayed at home to re-watch my favourite anime, it would never fail to make me happy, even though I can memorise what the characters said. lollol! I have a text- photocopy machine mind. xD Why anime's character is not exist in the real world? I want to marry them!!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH 

For chu3, it was finally a not stay-at-home day, it was a dating with my baby girl.

You tell me how can I say I don't love her!!! I really want to be her Godmother! Love the top left photo so much! I miss her so much now!


Photo above are all candid shots because she is always very 'tiaogeh', she does not want to let people to take photo of her. She only love selca, always use my phone's front camera to capture her half-face photo. lollol.

Lunch @ Max Gourmet

Dinner @ Roti Bakar cafe

Lesson of the day : DO NOT have meal at restaurant during festival, especially CNY. #kharnyee'stheory

I waited for 30 minutes, complained twice, the waiter said the chef was still cooking the rice. wtffff So I have to wait 8 more minutes. He should tell me the Rendang rice was still cooking, instead of let me wait for 30 minutes, else I could change to normal rice. After 10 minutes, the lady boss came and apologised that no chicken!! wtffff x99 Why they did not order more chicken when the menu mostly with chicken?! Then, the lady boss asked me to change to another and promised they will serve mine first. The waiter said I only need to wait 5 minutes. In the end, the rice served after 10 minutes. wtffff x∞

Super unsatisfied meal, I could not tolerate bad service!

If you are a person who is particular concerned to services, you definitely need to come back to read my next update.

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