Overdue January life update

1 February 2013

Planned to give my hair a treatment because it looks like grass now. But cancelled the plan because of someone ruined my mood. Took some times to dress up, do my eyes look different in the photo below?

This angle makes my face looks so sharp uh? hehehe

Side ponytail, have a little bit of gentle look? hahahah! 
I also noticed that my eyes with or without contact lenses, they are still the same. 

At night, went to Optimal at All Season Place because mom wanted to make a new pair of spectacles.

Demo with mom's choice, this spectacles look nice on me?

Side view. Don't you think the design is so elegant? 
FYI, it's from Tru Trussardi. My first met this brand, did not know that it is a brand from Italy.

Then grocery shopping at Sunshine Farlim, and bought my favourite egg tart from Adventist. #recommended <3 

Supper - egg tart. I believe egg tart from Adventist is very healthy, had it as supper is not a bad choice. :D

Sometimes I will have protein shake as my supper, but most of the time I will have it in the morning.


If you read my previous post (click HERE if you haven't), you might know that I started my own YouTube channel. I am so blessed when I received so many good comments from friends, YouTubers and also strangers. Thank you so much!

I will film another video when I have inspiration. Let me know what type of videos you guys like, drop me a message to any of my social networks or send me an email. :D

Thank you so much for the support. xoxo

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