2 March 2013
Can't believe I abandoned my blog for more than 2 weeks. Life after Chinese New Year is so hectic. The assignments, presentations and tests are driving me crazy. Finally the presentation that I worried the most had been over. I finally can slow down the pace and take some rest.

Week ago, there was a serious issue happened on me in the college. I not sure whether it is okay to post it here. I am waiting  the police to take further actions. It is extremely serious and dangerous so I have to report to the police. This issue brought a lot of troubles on me, meanwhile it made me felt so blissful to have a bunch of awesome friends who care about me and my safety.


I can't remember what had happened in the last 2 weeks, so I will just upload the photos that was in my phone.


Sushi King

Mom knows I love Japan so much, so she suggested to have dinner at Sushi King.

2 days after my birthday, my classmates had the belated birthday dinner with me.

Sushi Bar

Tuesday, a meet up with a friend, JinLin. Not sure is it he knows I like Japanese food, so he suggested to have lunch there. (Honestly, the bento is just so-so, Sushi King's taste better.)


Birthday present that I received from friends.

PS: Last week, a lot of people kept asking me do I have boyfriend. I am here to clarify that I am SINGLE, at the same time I am NOT available. So please do not ask me this question again, and do not misunderstand. Thank you!

I still have not make up my mind on what presents to ask for from my family members. My mom wants to buy me new clothes because every morning I complain I do not have clothes to wear. lollol! As for sister's, I think I will just keep the money first until I know what to ask for. xD

Thank you everyone for the wishes and presents. :D

Besides this, I used to RM250 1Malaysia book vouchers to buy the books I want. Thy are the birthday presents from Najib-gor (Malaysia's prime minister) because I used the vouchers on my birthday. xD

Thank you Jib-gor! 


Random outfits

Thank you for reading. Kthanksbyeeee
(Hopefully I can update the blog more often with more photos. I am currently fed up with my SII, the camera is getting worse, can't focus!!!! but I do not want to send it to repair. D:)

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