The weekend

24 March 2013

Update my blog before I turn myself into a nerd. 1st April is the final exam, I have to start doing the revision later I guess. I am too damn lazy to study because it is totally not and will never be my favourite subject, but I still have to maintain the grade A-. I want to get an A but it seems too difficult to achieve that.



My favourite breakfast, Subway Chicken slice and egg with teh tarik!
Had this to cheer myself because from around 1100 to 1700 there was no electric supply at my residential area. The feeling without internet is so miserable, I did not know what could I do. Fortunately, the electricity came at approximately 1600. :D

Today, Sunday's

Went out to breath the fresh air lol with mom since we had not been going out to shop for approximately 2 weeks, thanks to my assignments. :/

Lunch at Max Gourmet, Gurney Plaza. 
Their service is seriously the best of the best, no joke! I noticed there was some black spots on the hard boil egg, I thought it was okay because they could not know the condition inside the egg, so I just want to remove it myself but mom insisted to let them know. I thought that they would just change the egg for me, but they changed the whole meal!



Finished the last RM50 book voucher today! 

Due to without electric supply on Saturday, mom reminded me the book The Secret I bought like few weeks ago. I noticed that the books I had read since I knew how to read were just the textbook or Chinese novels. The Secret triggered my reading-cell lol.  So I told myself that I want to read books during this semester break. #semesterbreakresolution

Thank you Ah Jib-gor! If without the RM250 book vouchers, I totally would not realize how terrible I am for just reading the exam related books in the past 10++ years. 

Bought The Magic today.
I cannot wait the end of final exam, I want to read these books!

Also bought this small size notebook, I want to write all the new vocab I have learnt. 
(Realized that I made a wrong decision, I should buy the bigger size because my sister bought me a Lego design's notebook which is the same size as this.)

Bought Hada Labo Moisturing lotion(toner) and Sexylook mask. 
If you read my previous update, I bought the mask like weeks ago and I finally tried it on Friday. I prefer it than the Faceshop's mask. I plan to use it once a week, I want pretty, flawless, smooth, fair skin! :D

Lastly, let me show you latest obsession okay?

You say she cute or not?!!