1 June 2013
Ooh La La! It's June! Time flies, 2013 has come to the mid! It's gonna be one of the busy month soon, must be more hardworking, hmm at least not as lazy as before. :D

Anyway, I can feel that June is gonna be a great month because May was not that good like I thought. So far from my observation, I noticed that after the bad month, the next month will be a good month. It's like bad then good then bad month again. So June is good! *Cheers*

Let's welcome June with another 7days/week update! Last week was a little bit boring, so don't put too many hope on my update because I just will talk about whatever photo I found in the phone. Frankly speaking, my every week is boring. lollol

Sunday night, 26th May
Found my babe Kelly from the shelf! She is now my new pet. Hehehe :B Her hair was actually 2 pigtails, but I helped her to wash the hair, put conditioner and also treatment lollol oh yeah also do hair straightening, hahahahahah then now she has very straight, soft and nice smell hair. :D:D 

Monday, 27th May
Sub of the day, Italian B.M.T! It's my second time to have this, taste soooooooo good! Noticed that in this semester my classmates and I always went out to have lunch, unlike those previous semester, we only have lunch in canteen. The canteen was like 24/7 crowded, not only canteen, it's like every corner of the college, even the car park will be fulled starts from 9.30am!! It seems that the car park only can allowed 300-400 cars to park, but heard that the college allows 800 students to apply the car sticker! OMG! Always no parking if late. :/ :/ :/ :/ (Maybe I should blog about why I dislike TARCollege after I graduate. hahahahaha! I have a lot of things to talk about this issue. lol. The first is gonna be no cctv problems!)

Got my first and official invited advertorial, it's from Topshop & Topman. Check it out if haven't. Link (Click HERE)

Wednesday, 29th May 

A very busy day due to Thursday's presentation!! Only had 2 hours sleep on Tuesday, insomnia the whole night until 4.30am. 
Assignment discussion and preparation at Subway after classes until approximately 9.30pm. My eyes was just like dead salted fish, especially when I was on the way back home. Totally did not have the energy to prepare for the presentation. I guessed it was the worst presentation I did in that subject. x.x

Friday, 31st May

Finally a free day, thanks God it's Friday!
Lunch at Max Gourmet since we had about 3 hours break in between! The favourite restaurant even though I had tried almost all the menu already. lollol

It's like FINALLY my babe SII can be updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2! I had been waiting for this update for months! So happy that my phone is now in the latest version! 

In case you are interested to update your Samsung device to Android 4.1.2, here's the steps.
  1. Download PC Kies from Samsung website
  2. Connect the phone with USB to your PC
  3. Click on the Update Firmware
  4. The rest of the steps will be shown at the PC Kies.
Happy using the phone with Android JB! :D

The best feature!

Multitasking! Now I can watch the video while tweeting, line or Facebook! It's so convenient, I no longer need to pause the video, then go to home screen / apps page to go to the another apps. I just need to drag the video to the home screen. :D It's the best and useful feature in JB!!!!

My favourite Android apps blog post, anyone interested? :D

Thank you for reading. xoxo