A summary of the week

14 June 2013
Be an efficient blogger today, a short update before I turn this place to become a ruins. hahaha

Wasn't in a good mood lately. If you follow my FB, Twitter or any social media, you probably know that I felt super annoying towards two different people. Yeah, it's two! When I feel irritating, everything will turn out to be super annoying.

Alright, this post is not about grumbling. *Swallow all the rants*

A well-spent + productive + happy day!

Brunch with the classmates at Big Ben, somewhere near Botanical Garden. 

Then we went around Penang to have the famous Cendol at Penang road. To be honest, I am not a fan of Cendol, if not mistaken, it was the second time I ate. But this Cendol made me crave for a second bowl, very delicious *drools*

The last minutes, fast speed group!
Last minutes but always can finish the assignment on time group. Proud to be one of the group-mate! hahahahaha

Then, being a super bad student because I skipped the lectures! But honestly I really have something needed to do. Skipped with a reason was quite acceptable, right? But I did feel very guilty, as I only attended the lecture twice since the first week of college. (Must not play truant in the next week! #selfpromise) ._. Then... I went to bought Black Ball, the weather was so freaking hot on that day.
At night, went to fix my ugly, frizzy like grass hair at my neighbor's home/salon. It took me approximately 5 hours!!!! Luckily I took my laptop there to do the VB programming test. Sadly, I already knew that I could not score full marks, fml!!!! 

Went to take the Human Papillomavirus injection with the classmates. The feeling of taking injection after do-not-know-how-long-was-the-last-time-of-injection was seriously very nervous, as I could not remember how is the feeling of injection. lollol. 

Anyway, it's seriously just like bitten by an ant, but I started to feel the soreness at night. Next injection will be on next month. :/

Finally a photo of my new straight hair! Love how smooth, straight and longer the hair is now! ~^.^~

The Dragon boat festival must have - bak chang!
A bad day but looked at a brighter side, I felt super touching to have a bunch of nice people surrounding me, caring, comforting and supporting me all the time. Thank you so much, if you read this! 认识你们真好! 本当によかった! 

A mundane day except I slept a lot and woke up a lot of times yesterday until I did not study for the Logistics test. :/

Oh by the way, there was a rainstorm at around 6.30pm if not mistaken. Penang is not that safe anymore!!!!!!!! A lot of trees fell and UMNO building toppled down!!!! Hope those who injure are fine now and RIP to the deceased.

Supposing wanted to wake up at 6am to study, but end up went to have dim sum with the friends. ._. Therefore, I sat for the worst test I ever had! Must score better in the next test #selfpromise2

Felt so blissful to be able to have my favourite crave Chee Cheong Fun!! v^.^v

Photo of the day to end this update. Thank you for reading. xoxo