June's Outfits

1 July 2013
June is almost toward the end! 2013 has come to the mid! Time flies, seriously really time flies!

This is my first month-outfits post. FYI, I don't really care or follow the fashion trend, I wear what I think it suits me and those that are comfortable. I also do not take OOTD's photo often because first, nobody helps me, second, I will in rush to college if I take OOTD everyday (I wake up 2hr 30mins before the class starts everyday whereby 45mins is the duration needed to go to college. So wake up earlier could not help any), third, I do not have many clothes to wear #sadcaseever and I have to wear clothes with sleeve/collar and long pants to college. #sadcase-x2

A pink day.
Top from boutique in KL, shorts from boutique in Queensbay mall and bag from Aldo (gift from sister. :D)

Stud collar top from boutique in Queensbay Mall and shorts from Kitschen.

Outer from Mango! ♥♥♥♥ It gave me an illusion of the uniform of one of the anime I love, some more is my favourite character. :D:D:D:D #animelifeiswonderful 
Pants from Giordano and bag from Mango.

Top from Moris, 1st Avenue, leggings from Seed and bag from Mango.

Dress from Arime's BouTi Que
Spot my gold hair highlight!!!!

Will try to update more. Midterm is around the corner! God bless me!