Coffee Element, All Season Place

15 August 2013
I don't go to All Season Place so often lately because the parking is seriously bad, especially weekend even afternoon. I went to there twice in afternoon around 3 pm, but the car park is already fulled, it annoys me a lot, as I hate finding parking!

I had dinner at Coffee Element with the mommy on Saturday of 2 weeks ago to try out their bagels after read a few blog reviews about it, but seems that they have over-rated it.
The menu

I am very particular with the menu, I dislike the restaurant with ugly menu's cover. So when I see their so-called menu, just a piece of paper wheydon'tevenlaminateit and the paper is so dirty, full of coffee stains maybe is a kind of art? .____. (FYI, this is the cleanest menu among all, some are even dirtier.)

Me waiting waiting waiting for my bagel!

Mommy's order: Smoky Salmon Bagel, RM10.00

A little disappointed, the salmon is just too thin. The staff told me that they changed the supplier, so it is slightly thinner compared to before. Anyway, it still tastes good. :D
My order: Beefy Salami Bagel, RM9.50

The crispy bagel together beef slices are the perfect match! But mommy kept telling me for elder people without teeth cannot eat the bagel. hahahha. #sotrue

FYI, they serve complimentary sky juice for customers, so I only ordered a cold Cappuccino. Coffee Element serves variety of coffee, though I like coffee but I think that bagel accompanies with peach tea or ice lemon tea will be better.

Mommy with her Smoky Salmon Bagel. :D
Red velvet cake, RM8 per slice.
I am not a fan of cake, plus we were already too full so I just took a photo of it.

Coffee Element is located at the first floor above Paparich of All Season Place, they have another outlet at third floor of Gurney Paragon Mall. For more information, visit Coffee Elements Facebook Page