7 August 2013

Recall back the time I last blogged about my life and daily routine. Perhaps one month ago, when I involved in a car accident. (HERE and HERE) Oh yea, I got back my car 1 week after the incident happened, I like good and fast and efficient services!

Since it's Raya holiday together with semester break, I have nothing more to do rather than watching all the long waited downloaded anime (pardon my otaku, 2D characters are so kawaii! ♥ ♥) and of course study for final exam, but just that it's still quite early to do study/revision, those theories can only last in my pea sized brain for roughly 3 days.

I want to blog about my lifestyle after I read lonelyreload blog. I did not have the time to read all the blogs that I followed in Imotiv and like in Facebook, so when holiday or weekends I will read all the posts that I have missed out. LonellyReload's blog just reminds me of what I used to blog last time. So here I am to recall back the memory of blog every day about boring life. hahahha

Let's talk about yesterday!!

The last day of semester 4 seemed to be simple yet happy. I started loving college life, especially because I have whole bunch of awesome friends, exclude those merciless assignments and presentation that gave us sleepless night and poor college management, schedule and security. Not going to talk about this now, I will share my experience in TARC after I graduate. I will graduate in 2014 April, be sure to check out my blog at that time if you wish to enroll. However, I still enjoyed the moment of rushing the assignment at night in McDonald The taro pie is oishi desu!, the final outcome was always satisfied us, I love the VB program the most, it's like a new born baby, extremely happy and satisfied when I heard good comments from everyone. *thumb up*

And yesterday, the sister came back from KL (to be exact, is Selangor) with her boyfriend. The happiest was I finally can say HI to the things she helped me to get at there. Not much but enough to make my day!
McDonald Hello Kitty! 

I am not a huge fan of HK, can only be classified as big fan I think. Told the sister I want the whole set and asked her whether she has any friends who love McDonald, then she agreed to help me.
But end up her boyfriend got this the whole set but I got none. Anyway, the HK is now at my bedside, kekeke. :B Thank you so much sister and her boyfriend helped to collect 4 of them. The last 2 HK came back yesterday, finally happy family!
Holika Holika sleeping mask

I still not yet give them a try, I will try when hmm.. the night when I feel like sleep earlier. hahaha Perhaps you do not know, I am a night owl, I like to stay up late even if I have nothing to do. lol That's just my bad habit and the cause of serious dark circle.
My favourite among all!

Nutrilite drink shaker and Vitamin C active 8 drink mix (lemon/lime, acerola cherry and orange/tangerine)
The drink mix comes in 4 packets per box, sister gave me each flavour 1 packet to try before I purchase. I am currently having the lemon/lime flavour with the drink shaker. Yummy yummy~

That's all about yesterday, I know this is such a long and grandmother story post. Thank you for reading until the end *appreciate*.

Will talk with you guys later, soon. kthanksbyeeee
Have a nice day ahead!